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2011 She is currently working as an assistant to visual artists Joan Jonas & Lawrence Weiner and finding as much time as possible to see and be part of different kinds of art.
Her horizon is broadening everyday with new experiences and inspirations around her.
As a newly certified yoga teacher, Jin seeks to find calm stability in her life as an artist.

  • Drawings
  • "Arts on Canvas"
  • "Questioning My Audience"

  • 2010 She has been working for various artists and curators in New York City.
    She is trying to establish her way to make art.

  • "Are You There?"
  • "Medical Artist Residency"
  • "Take My Weight Off Your Shoulders" at X-Initiative

  • 2009 During her final year at MIT Visual Arts Program, she finished a year long project called "a play: Between Me and You" which was accompanied by her writing with the same title.

  • "a play: Between Me and You" at Mills Gallery
  • "a play: Between Me and You" written
  • "What Am I Not?"
  • "What Is It?"
  • Teaching Experience| Introduction to Visual Arts

  • 2008 She started learning about Didi-Huberman and Aby Warburg this year. It might have been because someone told her one day that "Jin" was missing in her recent performance. She wondered what that meant and decided to capture her air.

  • "Embody: To Give a Body to a Spirit"
  • "Embody: To Give a Body to a Spirit (Flowers)"
  • "Muscle Match"
  • "Take My Weight Off Your Shoulders"
  • "Dry Hands"
  • "Can You See me?"
  • "Did You Hear What I Said?"
  • "(with)drawing Room"
  • "Drawing On The Radio"

  • 2007 She left design to study art this year. It was her first time making art with great careful intentions.

  • "Find Your Heart, Open It Up, Let Them Feel"
  • "Find Your Heart, Open It Up, Let Them Feel (water)"
  • "Performance Workshop"

  • 2005_2007 After graduating with an architecture degree from RISD, she worked for a design company, which practiced disciplines such as fashion, architecture, and product design. While at work, she explored different scales and materials of making.  
  • "Embellish"
  • "ADD"
  • "Muebles (Movable Architecture)"

  • 2000_2005 During her five years in Providence, RI, she struggled growing up. She found her troubles to be motivating at work. She found her body, family, and strangers to be fascinating media.

  • "Basic Architecture"
  • "Participant"
  • "Deconstruct"
  • "Anonymous"
  • "Reminiscence"
  • "Co-"
  • Teaching Experience| Community Arts