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Jin Jung (b. 1981, Seoul) is a visual artist living and working in Jersey City, NJ.

Trained as an architect at Rhode Island School of Design, Jin worked as a designer before receiving a Master's degree in Visual Arts from MIT in 2009. She currently assists video and performance artist, Joan Jonas and conceptual artist, Lawrence Weiner in NYC.

​Artist, Jin Jung, finds her meaning through words, experimentation and feedback. Learning to speak English at later years of her childhood, Jung has always taken a very logical approach to words with meanings too murky to understand. Looking up words such as embody, aura, and art for their definitions and etymologies often offer her a starting point for an artistic investigation.

The results tend to be somewhere between sculpture and performance, in which both are used for an opportunity to experience and explore the topics such as "what is an Aura?" and share a meaningful interaction between oneself and others. Due to the participatory nature of the work, she is extremely sensitive to her audience especially during the course of the performance. The interactions, mediated by the sculptural art objects, take on their own meanings and constantly transform the dynamics between those involved.

In a constant state of flux, these plays can be very abstract and sometimes surreal. She understands the implications of these "plays" to reality and enjoys being there, in between.

Her work is always sincere, but not always serious.

See her 10-min portfolio here.




2007- 2009
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Master of Science in Visual Studies

Rhode Island School of Design
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Selected Events & Exhibitions

May 2015
"Overshare," ASC PROJECTS (San Francisco, CA)
Group Show

October 2012
"Artist Medical Residency," O+ Festival (Kingston, NY)
Participatory Performance

​August 2010
"Medical Artist Residency & Freestanding Artist," Three Walls (Chicago, IL)

February 2010
"BYOA: Bring Your Own Art," X-Initiative (New York, NY)
Group Show

May-June 2009
"... and things of that nature," The Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts (Boston, MA)
Visual Arts Program Group Show

April 2009
"Waves and Signs," Center for Advanced Visual Studies (Cambridge, MA)
Conference and Workshop: Low-Frequency Vibration

April 2009
"Appendages," MIT (Cambridge, MA)
Graduate Arts Forum

February 2008
"Take My Weight Off Your Shoulders," MIT (Cambridge, MA)
Performance / Mental Health Awareness Panel

May 2008
"Articulare," MIT (Cambridge, MA)
Visual Arts Program Group Show

August 2010
Three Walls Artist Residency Program (Chicago, IL)
Awards & Grants

2009 (nominated)
MIT Wiesner Award

2008-2009 (received)
MIT Arch Dept Merit Based Fellowship

2007 & 2008 (received)
MIT Council for the Arts Grants
Reviews & Blogs

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