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  • Latest Work: OVER & OVER

    Latest Work | OVER & OVER

    During the news coverage of the controversy surrounding Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, in February 2019, one of the guests on the radio said something in the lines of If you do not take action to reprimand such behavior, the racism will REPRODUCE and PERPETUATE. I imagined racism giving birth to another resulting in more racism babies to come. What a horrifying image that manifests OVER & OVER in our day to day.

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  • Featured Work: Artist Medical Residency

    Featured Work | Artist Medical Residency

    The second iteration of a project previously known as Medical Artist Residency took part in O positive festival in Kingston, NY. The audience consisted of adults and children who attended the festival where doctors and artists exchanged their services.

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  • Still In Progress | Questioning My Audience

    Still in Progress | Questioning My Audience

    Someone told me that it takes years to start making art again after graduate school. Well, I believe it. Taking time to reflect on what happened and where I am headed has been a learning experience. In this video, I rediscover my relationship to the audience, and perform for the camera.

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  • Live Streaming Performance

    My on & off boss and video/performance artist, Joan J., said when she was a young artist, she would have these live performances in her loft for her friends that would lead to other things, more makings.

    I told her that when I saw her perform on Tate Live, it felt like she was performing in my living room where I was watching on my screen. It felt so intimate. Maybe that is what it was like then.

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  • Featured Work: Take My Weight Off Your Shoulders

    Featured Work | Take My Weight Off Your Shoulders

    "Take My Weight Off Your Shoulders,"Jin Jung, 2008
    Materials: Fabric, Zippers, Sand or Rice
    Dimensions: Approx. 3" x 5" per sandbag
    Descriptions: Emotional pain or trauma is difficult to understand. By abstracting the "burdens" into physical weights, Jin shares a way to bring comfort to our emotions.

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  • Some Experimentation: A Painting without Me

    Some Experimentation | A Painting without Me

    Jin has been studying under a few mentors according to her ongoing project called Artist Medical Residency. Mentor #3, AW, has given her a task. "What would your artwork look like? Something only YOU can do? You are what you learned." Here is an attempt at a painting.

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