WORKS | Jin Jung

2010 Title: "Are You There?"
Date: September 2010 - ongoing
Materials: Postcards, Web Space & YOU

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While writing a letter to a friend, she looked the definition of 'correspondence'. Phrases and words like "with one another", "a relation between" and "'communication': transmitting, written or verbal message, exchange between individuals with common system of symbols, signs, and behavior" came up. So now, she is writing postcards in an attempt to exchange bahaviors through the common system with other, you.

"What determines me, at the most profound level, in the visible, is the gaze that is outside."
(Silverman, Kaja, Fragments of a Fashionable Discourse. On Fashion, ed. Shari Benstock and Suzanne Ferriss, Rutgers University Press, 1994. 186p.)

For me to recognize the very self of me, I "need" the gaze from the others. When I am "photographed" which is the documented action of looking my place is realized in the world of others. Therefore, I know I exist. I dress up to be recognized because when no one notices me I have no place in this world.

Inpired by Lacan, motivated by her need to be seen and heard.

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